Blog writing services for Bristol and beyond

Get all the content you need to keep your site alive - so you can focus on running your business...



I provide blog writing services from Bristol to companies across the rest of the UK and in Europe too.

This means I'm used to being flexible enough to meet almost any schedule you might have in mind:


Do you want a regular blog post to appear in your inbox every Thursday morning? What if four could arrive on the first of each month?


How about a one-off article writing service for a specific purpose or publication?

Whatever makes sense for you, I make sure get the content you need - whenever you need it. Here's how:


Be as involved as you want to be


All you need to do is let me know how much involvement you want in the process.


With each of your posts, I can:

  • Work with you on each individual article - or be a fire-and-forget solution

  • Follow your brand style guide or preferred tone


  • Help you choose a tone which matches your company


  • Follow your own content strategy for topics


  • Work with you to produce a list of topics or create a plan for your posts


Get what you want from your Bristol blog writing services


As a freelance content writer, it's your tone, your topics and your timetable that I work to.


When it comes to timetable, you might need:


  • Straightforward weekly blog writing services

  • An occasional blog post or article writing when you don't have time to do it


  • A one-off PR outreach article


Whatever it is, I'll deliver it.


I provide content writing services for Bristol businesses and big brands in a range of different industries on all of these bases every single day.



Do you have a question?

"I've been working with Ben for over 4 years now.

I cannot recommend his services enough.

He's always been punctual delivering the content ordered and has always gone the extra mile of asking questions, researching and trying to understand the requirements of each project in-depth to deliver the highest quality of content possible in a timely fashion. I'd definitely recommend using his editorial services too."

Logo of content writing services customer

Dani Peleva

Managing Director, Local Fame


Why would I want a blog in the first place?

Blog and content writing services help you give your audience some serious added value.


The not-so-secret ulterior motive is that regularly releasing interesting content is an absolute must as far as Google and other search engines are concerned.


This means that your blog is the perfect way to show Google that your site is alive, well and ready for traffic.


It can also attract more of that traffic in your direction. At least, it will if it's written correctly...


What if I need other kinds of content writing?


A blog isn't the only way to keep your website fresh and SEO-friendly. It's just the most convenient.


But anything which isn’t the core pages of your website can come under the heading of content writing services. I regularly write:


  • Articles and blog posts


  • PR outreach to other sites


  • How-to guides


  • Infographic text



In large part, it's about releasing that regular, high-quality content.


But it's also about showing off your expertise in whatever your business does. You're making sure that your audience has a positive opinion of you.


So that when they do need a company like yours - they know where to come.

Do you need to know more?

"Ben has been producing top quality content for

Fantastic Services for nearly 6 years


I have had the pleasure to work with him closely during this time. I personally learned a lot from him regarding wording, structuring and creating informative and attention-grabbing pieces of content. What I have always been very impressed with is the fact that he is able to produce the high-quality content he does within such short deadlines - key with hot topics."

The logo of one of my blog writing service clients


Teodora Hristova

Digital PR Specialist, Fantastic Services


How much does a blog post cost?


It depends. I know that's an annoying answer. But it's also true:


  • You might want me to do the keyword research, consult with you on creating a brand voice and then write a 3000-word article on a highly technical subject.


  • On the other hand, you might want a series of short, fun articles where you've done all the research and keyword research already.


Those are two very different things.


It's always easiest to simply shoot me a quick email for a free quote. That said, just to give you an idea of where I fall in the scheme of content writing services prices, my ballpark daily rate is £150.


Obviously, it's probably not going to take me a whole day to write your single short blog post for you.


What do you need? Let me know


Send me a quick email or fill in the form below.


Tell me what you want from your blog writing services in Bristol and ask me any questions you have.

I'll get back to you nice and quickly by email or Skype if you prefer. If you're based locally, we can even meet up for a cup of tea.