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I charge per project.

All the research and planning is included.

You get as many revisions as you need.



Copywriting services prices in Bristol and the rest of the UK come in lots of different rate flavours. Often, very confusing ones. You'll have spotted it already if you're searching online:

Sometimes they're by the word. By the hour. Or by the day.

I charge per project or on a retainer basis. Because that's the only fair way to do it. For you. And for me. This way you know precisely what your copy will cost upfront.

But, I understand that having a ballpark figure to work from is pretty vital. With this in mind, I've put together a simple copywriting prices for blogging page as it's my most popular regular service.

You can also find out more about my general guideline rates below:

Copywriting services prices - a guideline rate for you


My guideline daily rate is £150. That's pretty cheap SEO. Check around.


In fact, Pro Copywriters - the alliance of commercial writers - has this handy article on UK freelance copywriting rates. Take a look.


Remember: this is a guidance rate. For a regular client, it could represent the three short blog posts they need every month done and dusted. For another, it's a single longer, in-depth outreach article we discuss for several hours over Zoom.


It rather depends on your industry, i.e. what your ideal blog post length is, and the other objectives you have for your copy.




Send me all the details about your project or the regular service you need. Then you can get a clear price on my copywriting services in Bristol, or wherever you happen to be based in the UK.


There's no fee. And no obligation.


Most Popular


Why can't it all just be simple?


Sadly for everyone, it's not as easy as me bashing out 500 words on command. Your project will have a very different set of requirements to anyone else's. Here's an example:

Say you want a blog article. How long does your article need to be?

Charging by word or paying for your copy like that is for suckers (see why below). But longer articles or pages do often take more work to produce.

That's not to say that a well-judged sales letter isn't one of the most difficult and time-consuming pieces of copy to write. It's not just a case of choosing a length and hitting some keys...

Any copywriting services you get from me will also include:



Test Tube


Have you done all of the research required?


Do you have a set brand voice or tone for me to use?


I do all the necessary research and planning.





Do you want several versions of your sales email?


Or multiple brochures to choose between?


I produce as many as you need.


Old Fashioned Telephone


Are you 100% happy with your copy?

Do you have any revisions you'd like to see?

It's all built into your service.

Why are copywriting services rates in Bristol so varied?


There sure is a lot of variation out there when it comes to website copywriting rates. It's a good idea to be wary of a couple of them:


1) By the word

You should have a goal in mind for your copy. Not a number. A rough idea of the word count you want can be good.


But paying by the word incentivises the creation of weak, diluted copy. It's often a hallmark of cheap SEO.


You want your content to be snappy. To sell. Or to be persuasive or intriguing. That might take 500 or 1000 or 2000 words.


On the other hand, it might take fifty good words. Or just five perfect ones.


2) By the hour

Many freelance copywriters in Bristol and around the world have rates for the number of hours they spend on a project.


I do sometimes take on projects on this basis. But, frankly, it's not the best system for you. Or for me.


If you're like most people looking into copywriting services prices, it won't really matter to you how much time goes into a project.


Only the quality of the outcome is important.


Find out more


Fill in the form below or send me a quick email at any time. You can get any information you might need about my copywriting services prices.


Tell me all the details of your project and we can agree on a quote. I'll always respond within 24 hours on a weekday. Often, a lot less.

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