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See new photos of the Maiden Standard!

Freelance copywriter in "gets professional photos" shock

The actual freelance copywriter from the Maiden Standard writing some content
My evil twin only has the goatee part

Getting professional photos for use on your website should be high on your list of things to do for your new business.

For me, it's been a solid step seventeen-and-a-half.

But now, thanks to the wonderful Faye Hedges Photography you will soon be able to see my beady-eyed, bearded face in more places on this website!

More than the previous zero places, certainly.

New professional photos for the Maiden Standard

It's well worth getting the experts in for something like this.

Every time I try to take a picture it ends up looking like I did so from a great distance away, with the camera in one hand, something heavy in the other and someone trying to poke me in the eye the whole time.

Clearly, if you're in Bristol - and I imagine most of the South West of the UK - Faye Hedges is your camerawoman for professional shoots. She even managed to artfully conceal the cloven hooves and third eye which usually make getting a good photo of myself such a chore.

Seriously, I'm happy with these photos.

These are just the low resolution versions too. But I may have gotten a little overexcited about having a decent photo of myself for once and bashed them up anyway.

Because as a freelance copywriter who's usually on the other side of the camera or screen, that does not happen often!

You can see more of Faye's wonderful work below, or over on her website.


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