Most SEO companies in Bristol...

Don't bring you a cup of tea.

Most SEO companies in Bristol won't meet up with you for a casual coffee.

Why not work with someone who will?

Choose a comfy cafe near to you and we'll have a chat.


You can let me know what you need to get done - to your website, your blog or to help your team perfect their SEO game.

I'll talk you through how we'll do it.

That's not the sort of service you'll get from most big-money SEO companies.


What do you need to do?


Let's see how we can keep your costs down while getting you the content you want.


  • Do you need to audit and update your website?


  • Get someone in so your team can learn what SEO is all about?


  • Write sales letters or emails for your marketing campaign?

  • Set up a one-off or regular blog writing service to keep your site alive?​

Great! We're on the same page. I've been helping big brands and local companies do all of the above for the past six years.




Let's have that cup of tea.

"I've been working with Ben for over 4 years now.

I cannot recommend his services enough.

He's always been punctual delivering the content ordered and has always gone the extra mile of asking questions, researching and trying to understand the requirements of each project in-depth to deliver the highest quality of content possible in a timely fashion. I'd definitely recommend using his editorial services too."

Website copywriting services client logo

Dani Peleva

Managing Director, Local Fame


How all SEO agencies in Bristol should work


There are no epic waste-of-time meetings here. But you'll still want to have a proper say when it comes to your website copy or blog content.

You'll be able to:

  • Get an initial draft to look through


  • Talk about any revisions or changes - before I make them


  • Tweak individual words and phrases


  • Have me work with or create your tone or brand "voice"

You can find out more about the copywriting process here. The short version is this:

There's as much back and forth as you want there to be. The job's not done until you get exactly what you need.

Everything is included in the free quote you get before we start.


More flexible than the big SEO companies

You only pay for what you need. You don't have to choose an "SEO package" or sign any kind of ongoing contract - like you would with one of the more expensive SEO agencies in Bristol.

I work much more flexibly with the people who use my copywriting services.

What would work best for you?

  • Some of my clients have a rolling weekly service. But I don't tie them to it.

  • Others are one-offs. They needed some content. I wrote it. They went away happy.

  • Many others simply get in touch regularly (whenever they need high-quality content).

Sound about right?

"Ben has been producing top quality content for

Fantastic Services for nearly 6 years


I have had the pleasure to work with him closely during this time. I personally learned a lot from him regarding wording, structuring and creating informative and attention-grabbing pieces of content. What I have always been very impressed with is the fact that he is able to produce the high-quality content he does within such short deadlines - key with hot topics."

Logo of company which uses me as a web copywriter

Teodora Hristova

Digital PR Specialist, Fantastic Services

—  Name, Title


Have a friendly chat with an SEO consultant near to you

Get in touch for an informal chat. Fill in the form - or send me a quick email to arrange a meet-up.

You'll find me at

I'm based in Bedminster, just off North Street. But, as a freelance copywriter, I tend to work in one of Bristol's many awesome cafes. (You win a prize if you can guess which North Street stalwart I'm working in in the photos on this site.) These make great places for impromptu meets.

Most SEO companies waste your time and money on big meetings in boardrooms. Let's do it differently.

Choose a coffee shop you like. We'll have a cup of tea. Then we'll take it from there.