About the copywriting process

Writing a blog post or updating your website can be easy.


Here's how we'll work together to get it done your way...



Make no mistake, copywriting is a process.


There'll be times when the first draft is exactly what you wanted. But normally, you'll want to suggest a change or two - or reconsider the approach we agreed on when you see it in black and white.


Don't worry. This is all part of the process. It's an unusual project when some edits aren't necessary.


In fact, I'm amazed when I do get those rare emails back saying "yep, we're happy with the first draft as it is"!


The copywriting process in a nutshell



Let's talk.


  • You tell me what you need


  • Provide as many details as you can

  • I ask a bunch of annoying questions



You find out how much it will cost.


  • Based on your details, I work out a quote

  • You decide whether you're happy with it

  • Once you agree, I get started


You receive an initial version of your copy.

  • Nothing is fixed or final

  • We talk about making some edits

  • I go away and make them



Your copy gets some final polishing.


  • One or two rounds of revisions are usually enough

  • You let me know you're happy

  • I invoice you, you send me the lovely money


When you say "details"...


Hitting a target in the dark is pretty gosh darn tricky.


To get you the exact content that you want from your copywriting services, I'll need as much information as you can give me.


This'll be about things like:


  • Your tone or brand voice (if you have a style guide, that's great!)


  • If it's your blog, do you have topics and research already done?​


  • Your language pet peeves - do you love the Oxford comma? Hate splitting an infinitive?


  • Any general thoughts, ideas or inspiration you have in mind​


Get in touch and find out more

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