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Nice simple pricing.

No contracts or packages.

Adapts to your needs.

A writer checking out their own copywriting prices for blogging in a Bristol cafe



Just need a straightforward copywriting price for your business blog? Don't want to actually get in touch yet?

Don't worry, I get it. I don't always want to go through the hassle of contacting someone for a quick quote either.

Here are the most popular ways my SEO copywriting services are used by Bristol and international companies every month and what I charge for them.



Rolling monthly agreements mean you're never tied down.

Want to take a break next month? Say so.



Mix it up this month with web pages or PR instead of articles.

Whatever you need, you can adapt with a quick email.


Some clients want to talk about every single piece in detail.

Others just want their blog handled for them.

Stress-free blogging



Let me handle your blog. You get on with running your business.

Minimal input required.

4 articles per month at 500 words


3 articles at 750+ words

UNLIMITED revisions and changes

Research and keyword research

Topic ideas generated for you

Request new topics for FREE

Regular monthly blog



Get everything you need to keep your website lively.

Choose your input level.

4 articles per month at 500 words


3 articles at 750+ words

UNLIMITED revisions and changes

Research and keyword research

You supply target topics or keywords


Mission critical blog



Create one post for outreach, PR, magazines, and more.

Extensive chats and edits.

1 article or post

UNLIMITED word count

UNLIMITED revisions and changes

Research and keyword research

Virtual or in-person meetings refine your message

Copywriting prices FAQs

Are these fixed packages?


No. They're just the most common ways businesses use my blog writing services.

Almost every company I work with wants something done just a little differently. It's rarely a problem.

If none of these looks quite right to you, simply get in touch to let me know what you need. I'll see what I can do.

Do I have to sign a contract?


No. I don't usually do contracts or inflexible monthly SEO packages.

However, I do have Terms and Conditions I'll expect you to abide by. They basically boil down to: "Don't try to not pay me or leave it for months to do so."

If you need me to sign a contract or Non-Disclosure Agreement, I'll be glad to look it over.

How will you choose what topics to write?


That depends on you. You may know what's hot in your industry right now and want to make sure your voice is part of the debate.

This might mean you send me each month:


  1. A quick brain dump of your thoughts. I'll turn it into a well-written article.

  2. Just the topic idea itself. I then do all the research needed to write.

  3. Nothing at all! So I take care of idea generation too (you get full sign-off before I proceed).

In the latter case, I'll explore what your competitors are talking about, see what else is in the news, or create topics based around the keywords you need me to target for SEO purposes.

Can I swap a blog for other copywriting I need?


Yes. Again, these aren't fixed packages.


It's common for any client to say something along the lines of, "Actually would you mind writing copy for one new page for our website and three blogs this month instead of the usual four articles?"

It's rarely a problem. Sometimes it might change copywriting costs. Often, it doesn't.

Can I get a free copywriting sample?


No. Sorry, but I'm going to have a take firm stance on this one. Would you work for free? Yeah. Me neither.


In ten years of providing SEO copywriting services to Bristol businesses and those much further afield, I can count the number of clients I've left unhappy on the fingers of one finger.

Not uncoincidentally, I can also count the number of clients I've given free samples to on the same single digit. Copywriting is a process. Firing off a "free sample" isn't reflective of what we'll create together.

I offer FREE revisions and amendments. In short, I keep working until you're 100% happy with what we've produced. If you use me to create copy, you will get what you want from it.

All that said, it's not unusual for my regular clients to request a little something extra - proofreading a social media post they've written, for example - and get that for free. It's me saying thanks for their regular work.

"Ben... is one of the best copywriters I have ever worked with. Sales pages, blog post, ad copies - he does it all. I would definitely recommend his services."

Rumen Stefanov

Marketing Manager,

Asian Absolute

Asian Absolute logo

"Ben has definitely got the talent to write."

Rune Sovendahl

Co-Founder and CEO,

Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services logo

"I've been working with Ben for over 4 years. I cannot recommend his services enough."

Dani Peleva

Managing Director,

Local Fame

Blog writing prices client logo

Get a free quote on monthly copywriting prices for blog posts


Let me know exactly what you need by firing a quick email to or filling in the form below.

Copywriting prices don't have to break the bank. Tell me what you need from a flexible monthly rolling service. I'll see what I can do.

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